Challenges to Accepting Biblical & Scientific Evidence

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This book proves that the Biblical story of creation is literally in sync with the concepts of evolution.

Being Irked

John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States, had noted that when people learn of something that is the opposite of what they have been taught and believed to be true, they get ‘irked.’

It irked Bible believers when they were told science says it took over 4.5 billion years to create the world and it irked believers in science to be told the whole project took only 6×24 hour days. But thanks to Albert Einstein we now know the Bible discusses time in cosmic terms and as it takes only 6 days of cosmic time to be the equivalent of 4.5 billion years in Earth time we find the differences were only academic and there is no problem with understanding the time for creation.


The ramifications of having proved science and religion are in sync are myriad.

Thomas Jefferson had reasoned that the problem with organized religion is that it calls for blind faith and what is really needed to draw people to the Bible is a rationale for belief.

  1. Our book project proves that science and the story of creation are in sync and thus provides that rationale.
  2. That sync proves that only a Supreme Power could have issued the Bible to Moses and therefore now the Bible must be taken seriously.
  3. Two chapters of the book deal with the rights of  Jews to the land of Israel and now there could be no question that God’s dictates have to be taken seriously. (The Koran of the Muslims also calls for the Israelites to have the Promised Land.)
  4. School board battles between creationism and evolution should end. The Bible’s chronology of events are the same as that of science, life is proved to have begun in the oceans, evolution takes place but within each species (man did not evolve from the apes), women are the equal of men.
  5. The brotherhood of man can now have new definition.
  6. Atheists and agnostics are left defenseless.