My background includes a Doctorate in Business Administration, the position of adjunct associate professor, and licensed consultant pharmacist, and author. It was a pharmaceutical journal discussing homeopathic medicine that attracted me to the field of Biblical research. The journal discussed the work of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, while explaining the principle of ‘like cures like’ (a herb or other medicinal that causes particular symptoms when taken by a healthy person, is effective in treating a patient with a medical condition that causes those same symptoms). This concept of medicine was also found in the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians whose culture had influenced the Israelites who lived in Egypt before the Exodus.

 I found this concept applied to Numbers 19 of the Bible where the biggest puzzler in all of Scriptures told us that the person who prepared the ashes of the red cow mixture to treat people who were contaminated, himself became contaminated. Thus to understand the reasoning of what was thought to be an unsolvable enigma could now be explained.

 That finding lured me into doing further Biblical research and through the years I found many seemingly complex phrases actually had simple explanations when finding the original intent of the Hebrew words and colloquialisms used in the language during the time of the Exodus.

 After many years of research of Genesis 1, the story that reports the creation process, with the help of learned theologians, Biblical Hebrew scholars, and renowned scientists, we were able to present the case that every verse of the creation story is factually and chronologically in perfect sync with the teachings of modern science. This casts a new light on the integrity of the Bible and with man’s relationships with one another.